PAI Engine Components

Offers the widest range of Engine Applications

For over 40 years PAI has been an aftermarket industry leader in supplying Powertrain, Engine, and Axle components.

PAI's Powertrain Components are designed, manufactured, and tested for optimum performance. Our rigorous quality processes assures the right fit, reliability, and durability you depend on so you can spend less time in the shop and more time getting work done.

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PAI Drivetrain Components

Powering Engines Since 1973.

PAI has the widest range of Engine Applications and Components in the aftermarket.

PAI's powertrain line includes block components (pistons, liners, rings, rods, bearings, gaskets, etc.), cylinder head components (heads, valves, guides, gaskets, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), fuel injectors, etc.), intake/exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, accessory drives, and much more! At PAI, we focus our research and development (R&D) efforts to produce powertrain systems which are ever increasing in quality, reliability, performance, fuel efficiency, durability, and are eco-friendly.

We have launched our new High Performance Engine Component line, engineered to exceed industry standards for quality and performance. These components are designed using durable high-grade materials to maintain peak performance for miles and miles, guarantees better fuel economy, temperature stability, and overall longer life.